A girl and her horse – a great Rock the Frock idea

There are some photos that it would be really hard to capture on your wedding day. That’s where a Rock the Frock shoot comes in – an opportunity to wear your wedding dress again and create some stunning and artistic images. We don’t set about doing a Trash the Dress, this is about something more personal and beautiful than destroying or damaging your wedding dress. Our shoots are about having a memorable experience and collaborating with Dave to produce something really special – that one amazing image that you will frame and put on your wall.  We have lots of Rock the Frock ideas, but when a bride comes with an idea or a location that is really meaningful to her,  you often capture something extra special.

A keen horsewoman, Rachel knew before she got married last year that she really wanted some beautiful photos of her in her wedding dress with a horse. Rachel and Graham married last summer and celebrated their wedding reception in the garden of their new house – which had just been renovated. They had a wonderful sunny day, with afternoon tea, garden games and of course a horse and carriage.  In the year since, Rachel has bought her own horse, Pearl – so it was even more personal and special when she asked us to do  a Rock the Frock shoot for her with her horse.

They say, ‘never work with children and animals’. Now the children bit I would disagree with, they’re always fantastic to photograph. But animals, well yes, challenging. The combination of a girl in a big white dress and a large horse on top of a hill and in the woods certainly made for some tricky moments for both Rachel and us, but Pearl soon got the hang of it, and before long was posing for the camera herself. We enjoyed the beautiful golden light overlooking Morecambe Bay, and the resulting Rock the Frock images are stunning.


Bride and horse in the woods


Bride in wedding dress with her horse in the woods


stunning black and white photograph of bride in the woods


Bride standing in the woods in dappled light


Bride photographed with a white horse


Beautiful white horse with bride in wedding dress on a hillside


Bride in wedding dress with white horse in Cumbria

The mints tucked into the bodice of the wedding dress were a great trick!

Lake District Rock the Frock photograph of bride with horse


Black and white photography of Bride with white horse


White wedding Horse with Bride


Bride standing with white horse

Pearl was loving the posing by the end

Bride and horse portrait

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