A Guide to Rock the Frock Photography in the Lake District


                                                                     Bride walking on cliff top near wind farm

A beautiful dress deserves to be let out


Rock the Frock Photography

Every bride wants to look radiant on their wedding day and choosing your wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. There’s something magical about a wedding dress; that transformation you make into a bride, the rush of emotion when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time. It’s a dress so many people have dreamed about wearing since they were a little girl. It’s a dress to celebrate, it’s the dress you get married in.

Yet your wedding day goes by so quickly. After all the planning and dreaming and organising it’s over in a flash,  and your wedding dress is resigned to living in a box under the bed or hanging somewhere in the depths of the wardrobe. When are you going to have the chance again to put on that beautiful dress you spent so long choosing?

My Rock the Frock phototgraphy is about celebrating that dress and celebrating how it makes you feel.  It’s another chance to get excited about putting your dress on, another chance to enjoy the emotions of feeling fabulous in your dress and an opportunity to create some beautiful, emotive images to hang on your wall.

Bride in wedding dress in the river

What’s the difference between a Rock the Frock Photography and  Trash the Dress Photography ?

For me, weddings and marriage are something to celebrate, and Rock the Frock photography is an extension of that. It’s about you having a brilliant experience doing the shoot, it’s about you feeling beautiful wearing your wedding dress again and it’s about creating one or two outstanding images that you just wouldn’t have the opportunity or time to do on your wedding day. These photoshoots are sometimes referred to as ‘Trash the Dress’. For me though it’s not about trashing your dress, it’s about cherishing it. I don’t get you to throw buckets of paint on your dress or set fire to it. I don’t want to destroy it. Most dresses come out of the Rock the Frock experience completely unharmed. There’s a line that I definitely don’t want to cross, and that line is flexible for each bride. I work with you and your dress to create a set of images that you are going to love.

Bride in city centre with long exposure lights

What happens on a Rock the Frock Shoot, and what’s the difference with how I photograph on your wedding day?

On your wedding day I photograph in a documentary style, not interfering or interrupting your day, just capturing the natural moments which are happening. There are no second takes on a wedding day; your day unfolds and I document the story. I very rarely use flash, am very discrete and do very little directing. It’s all about you enjoying your day and your friends and family, it’s not about the photographer.

A Rock the Frock shoot is a completely different approach. It’s more like a fashion shoot. Collaborating with you, we’ll come up with one or two locations for your shoot and then on the day I will come with a real vision of what I am trying to produce.  It’s a really fun day; you in your wedding dress doing something or going somewhere you just couldn’t have done on your wedding day.  On the Rock the Frock Shoot I will use different photographic techniques, flash and reflectors and combined with lots of tenacity and enthusiasm we’ll end up with a stunning image. We’ll keep going til we get it; if something isn’t working, we’ll try something else. At the end of the day, it’s about making a beautiful shot, which is well composed and well thought out, but in which you’re still looking natural. It’s not about fake smiles or awkward poses.  I don’t just want to stick you in front of a beautiful landscape and take a nice shot. It’s about being artistic and creative and coming up with something unique for each person, something dynamic and fresh – it’s about creating a ‘WOW’ image.

Elegant bride with red helicopter

Rock the Frock photography is sometimes referred to as Cherish the Dress, Love the Dress, Trash the Dress or Shoot the Dress.

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